Green Sports Alliance Summit

Date and Location

June 26 – 27, 2018

The new Mercedes-Benz Stadium, Atlanta

General information

The Green Sports Alliance Summit is the largest gathering for the sport community focused on sustainability and awareness. Since 2011, this annual summit attracts a large number of influential sportsmen and stakeholders. The main goal of the summit is to improve the sport events organization, making them more green and sustainable. View the Green Sports Alliance Summit 2018 program.

During the summit, the process of a sport event organization is addressed on all levels. The participants discuss the very first stages of event planning, as wel as the event management on the day itself. The attendees learn and share better practices and the latest innovations in greening operations.

Among the issues discussed during the summit:

  • The supply chain organization and possible improvements.
  • Engaging the fans.
  • Environmental impact of large scale sport events.
  • The influence of sport teams on the regular citizens.

Green sports

The most basic reason to green sports is obviously to help achieve sustainability. Sustainability creates and maintains the conditions under which humans and nature can exist in productive harmony. Since the second half of the last century, people started to realize all the problems related to an unsustainable way of living. Nowadays, the goal of creating a green and sustainable society has already pronounced itself in almost every aspect of modern every-day life. And sports is not an exception. Many teams and fans all over the world are already making attempts of “greening” sports – by means of saving energy, cutting waste and preventing pollution. The problem of green sports receives so much attention, that some are even creating the ratings of the best and worst green sport objects of the year.

Businesses related to sports can also directly benefit from going green. One of the main benefits for any business is of course cutting the costs. That can be achieved by embracing greener practices, thus reducing the waste and disposal costs. Furthermore, by using greener products the companies increase their employees safety – one of the key factors of a sustainable organization. If you want to know more about Safety and Health Management, perhaps you would be interested in one of the other events.

Green sport

Green Stadiums

Not only sportsmen and event organizers should have sustainability in mind. Nowadays, even the architects and construction workers are responsible for creating a green society. Stadiums are the largest man-made sports objects. Naturally, they are becoming more and more sustainable. Among the ways to enhance the sustainability of a stadium is reusing rainwater (e.g., for field irrigation). Another way to achieve the same goal is employing solar cells to (partly) supply the energy needs.

Selected Topics

The theme for this year’s Summit is “Play Greener: Get in the Game”.  The 2018 Summit will focus on collaborative problem solving. Moreover, the attendees will benefit from the multiple skill-building and problem-solving workshops. The aim of the workshops is to develop solutions that encourage environmental and social responsibility across all operations. All the organizational operations are within the scope of these workshops: from the supply chains to the fan bases.

The fan bases are especially important. The sport teams have a remarkable power to influence the behavior of large groups of people – fans. Minimizing the effect of these groups of people on the environment is the responsibility of the team managers and event organizers.

Furthermore, this year the summit includes various networking possibilities. More information about the program can be found on the conference web-site.